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Argo-Trade, Ltd.
2, 2-nd Vologodskij Vjizd Kharkiv 61033 Ukraine
Contact name:
Pavel Svetlichniy , manager

Argo-Trade, Ltd.

Welcome to ArgoTrade
For today "Argo-trade" - dynamically developing company - one of largest in Eastern Ukraine. Our specialization - production and realization of beverages, drinks and food. We work in following segments of sales - large wholesale, distribution and retail. The foreign trade activity of the enterprise is actively developed.
The central office of the company is disposed in Kharkiv City, where we have developed storage facilities, which one is disposed on territory with square 1.62 acres and has the general floor space 12 thousand sq. meters. The automobile fleet totals more than 30 automobiles of different carrying capacity, including isothermal, that allows to realize both independent delivery of the goods to a warehouse and delivery of the goods to the clients. A marketing network in Kharkiv City includes a web of specialized retail shops what consist of 25 shops and active distribution net - more 800 payable clients. In Kharkiv oblast we make sales from warehouses in following cities: Kupyansk, Lozovaya, Izyum, Krasnokutsk, Krasnograd. In the Poltava oblast we have shops in cities Mirgorod and Lubny. In Donetsk Oblast - the branch in Donetsk City and shop in Slavyansk.
Branch in a Kryvyy Rig - distribution and seven shops. Branch in Kiev conducts operation with 1400 clients and has two retail shops. The company has representations in Zhitomir and Cherkassy. Branches in cities Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson soon will be open.
Structure of holding includes some major enterprises on production of food.
It is factory Argo - young, modern enterprise producing beverages, which begun to output production in 1997. For today a range of produced production with the trademark "Argo" totally complete of about 20 items, including Vodka in souvenir bottles of different volumes and design, and series of light beverages SM Submarine and output capacity of the factory is more than 10 million bottles. Production many times occupied the first places on the largest exhibitions: 1st place on world competition World star of packing 1999, Buenos Aires, 2nd place in tasting on competition of the exhibition Alco+Soft 2000. Allukrainian action Golden Fortune 1st place in the exhibition Alco+Soft 2001. In August, 2002 was initiated the output of SUBMARINE series of light beverages.
Production of Argo factory successfully sells in foreign markets. Now we deliver our vodka and low alcohol drinks in 6 countries: Israel, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Moldova.
Also important fact what indicates the high quality of our vodka and of a high level of production is that our vodka successfully has passed certification on cosher from Ortodox Union.
The production of soda water "Argo" extracted from well by depth more 100 m with all-level clearing of water was adjusted.
The advanced equipment meat-processing factory with a complete cycle of meat-processing equipment is the special pride of the company.
Successfully works production of macaroni items of 12 different kinds, and for this moment the high-quality import equipment for production of instant noodles is mounting. Launched filling and packing equipment for production of food with the trademark "Argo", as croups, sugar, salt, and flour.
It is necessary to say about tea company "Fivel", what produces tea of highest quality.
The availability of a retail trade system, branches and actively reshaped dealer network on all Ukraine allows to rise progressing of both trademark "Argo" and trademarks of our partners.
In the plans of the company Argo-Trade - extension of a retail trade system in Ukraine: in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Akhtyrka, and also creation of a web of supermarkets Argo first of which began the operation in July, 2003 in Krasnograd City of the Kharkiv oblast
We offer to consider a possibility of cooperation.

About Us

We are Ukrainian company what produce high quality vodka with TM "Argo".
Our enterprise is highly development company with increasing production output level.  So I think you can help us in distribution of our Ukrainian vodka TM "Argo". We can produce all kinds of vodka (horilka) and nastojanka with any alcohol volume what you need.

Let us know if you interested in this cooperation.

Also we produce a low alcohol drinks with TM "Submarine"

Company Profile

Company Name: Argo-Trade, Ltd.
Country/Territory: Ukraine
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2003/09/12 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
Keyword Vodka beverages ukraine foodstuff, sprits flavoured liqueur meat, tea